• Vegetarian Combo

    • $12.95

    Misir Wot(Spicy Red Lentils), Gomen(Collard Greens), Fasolia (Green Beans and Carrots), Kik Alicha (Split Pea Curry), and Tikle Gomen(Green Cabbage with carrots and potatoes).

  • Tickel Gomen

    • $11.95

    Delicious curried vegetable stew made with cabbage, potatoes, green pepper and onion.

  • Atkilt Salata

    • $11.95

    Skinless boiled potatoes, red beets, carrots, freshly minced jalapeno skin and red onion mixed with our in house signature salad dressing.

  • Africana Salad

    • $6.95

    Lettuce, tomatoes, red onions,carrots, and green peppper mixed in Africana's special homemade dressing

  • Gomen

    • $10.95

    Chopped fresh collard greens is simmered in olive oil, garlic and herbs.

  • Misir Wat

    • $11.95

    Split red lentils slowly cooked with onion, garlic and blend of hot Ethiopian herbs.

  • Misir Alicha

    • $11.95

    Split lentils slowly cooked with red onion, fresh ground garlic, and turmeric powder.

  • Shiro

    • $11.95

    Chick peas are milled together with a perfect blend of mild herbs and onion, slowly cooked into creamy dip.