Lunch & Dinner

  • Doro Wat

    • $13.47

    Ethiopia's National Dish. Tender chicken parts are gently simmered in an onion and berbere based stew. Served with one hard boiled egg

  • Yebeg Alicha

    • $13.47
    • Yebeg tibs $16.59
    • Yebeg Alicha Fitfit $13.47

    Tender strips of lamb slowly simmered in homemade herbal butter seasoned with onions, garlic and Ethiopian spices.

  • Tibs

    • $14.10
    • Lega Tibs $16.59

    Beef cubes sauteed in olive oil, red onions, green pepper, garlic and exotic Ethiopian spices.

  • Kitfo Special

    • $17.63

    The delicacy of Ethiopian dishes, Minced beef tossed in kibe (spiced and clarified homemade Ethiopian butter) and mitmita (Ethiopian Chili powder). Served with iyb (fresh Ethiopian cheese) and gomen (collard greens)

  • Gored Gored

    • $17.63

    Beef cubes sauteed in kibe (spiced and clarified Ethiopian butter) with onions, green pepper, garlic and Ethiopian chilipowder

  • NewAwaze Tibs

    Awaze Tibs

    • $16.59

    Beef or lamb cubes marinated and sauteed in a special Awaze sauce.

  • Zizil Tibs

    • $16.59

    Strips of beef sauteed with jalapeno, onions, tomatoes and special spices served sizzling on a hot platter.

  • Meat Combination

    • $16.59

    A combination of Your choice of four meat dishes (kitfo,yebeg alicha, doro wot, and keywot). All served on a bed of fresh Injera.